Isovoltaic AG

ISOVOLTAIC AG is world market and technology leader in the development and production of backsheets for photovoltaic modules. The company, with its headquarters in Lebring/Austria and a subsidiary in Changzhou/China with focus on sales and a finishing line, has approx.. 150 employees.

With ICOSOLAR® backsheets and encapsulants ISOVOLTAIC offers an extensive product portfolio for various module technologies based on more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture of high-quality composite protective sheets for solar cells.

Every ICOSOLAR® product is tested for all relevant quality criteria by strict and comprehensive material testing. The standards set for these products are higher than official industry standards.

Continued investment dedicated to in-house research and development provides ISOVOLTAIC with the necessary competitive edge. Our R & D department is part of a far-reaching research network with various international and regional partners. Customer-specific product development proceeds in close conjunction and coordination with the customer. Special attention is paid not only to effective development of the company, but the production processes as well. Thanks to the recently developed fluorine-free ICOSOLAR® composite backsheet based on polyamide, all waste that is generated in production can be completely recycled. At the same time, polyamide can be made completely of renewable raw materials. Around one-third of the employees works in the area of R&D.



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