Inductotherm Group/IHWT Radyne

IHWT Radyne and the Inductotherm Group offer a wide variety of induction heating equipment for the many different crystal growing processes.

IHWT Radyne has long provided advanced induction power using modern IGBT technology in many areas of the crystal growing market, supplying equipment that helps to speed production, ensure maximum quality and save on energy consumption - ideal for the growing crystal sizes within the Photovoltaic Industry.

Critical to the process is the precise control of power to the susceptor. IHWT Radyne manufactures a range of power supplies that incorporate special controls to ensure accurate delivery of power to the load. IHWT Radyne additionally provides restart electronics such that a crystal growing process can resume following a power outage. Due to the temperature ranges of the susceptor materials used in various applications, coil design and frequency selection is critical to achieve the desired results.




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