Hi-Bond Tapes Ltd.

Specialists in high performance technical adhesive tapes, we offer high quality solutions for the solar industry.Our acrylic foam tapes ensure quality long term structural bonding essential for the highest standards required by solar manufacturers.We formulate our tapes to withstand the most rigorous climatic conditions over prolonged periods without any deterioration in performance levels.

The unique characteristics of these foam tapes give a performance level and durability that cannot be matched by conventional adhesive tapes such as polyethylene and polyurethanes.We have a wide range of thicknesses produced to fine tolerances to give excellent bonding and sealing performance.Acrylic foams  are visco-elastic , they can withstand the expansion and contraction of different materials without loss of adhesion.

We produce a range of  tapes  that are UL approved and exceed  IEC standard for the manufacture of crystalline and  thin film modules,and solar concentrators.

Hi - Bond Tapes is your ideal partner for bonding  solutions in the Solar Industry.



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