Goodfellow Corporation

Goodfellow is well known as a specialist supplier of small to medium size quantities of pure metals, alloys, ceramics, and polymers, as well as crucibles and specialist glass, to meet the research, development and specialized production requirements of science and industry worldwide. The company supplies materials in a wide range of forms, including discs, sheets, foils, films, lump, powder, rods, wires, and tubes.

For PV applications, Goodfellow is able to provide:

• A complete range of metals, from aluminum to zirconium
• Substrates of virtually any material desired
• Crucibles of almost any ceramic material and made using a variety of techniques
• Optical components ranging from simple windows to high-accuracy aspheric lenses
• Glass tubing ranging from simple sight glasses to very high precision tubes

Goodfellow Corporation is part of the Goodfellow Group of Companies, which also includes Goodfellow Cambridge Ltd., The Technical Glass Company (UK), Goodfellow SARL, Goodfellow GmbH, and the Shanghai Representative Office of Goodfellow Cambridge Ltd.



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