Eyelit, Inc.

Eyelit's mission is to deliver easy-to-use, high-quality manufacturing management solutions that increase productivity, worker performance, and the bottom line for customers. Originally an integration software provider, Eyelit leveraged years of production experience to develop an innovative technology that enabled any legacy MES to quickly connect to other factory and ERP systems. Products that greatly enhanced the performance of MES, such as  asset management, product costing, and quality management, soon followed. Eyelit's MES and platform-independent products are uniquely suited to coordinate and manage operations, regardless of individual factory systems, across a broader scope than a single factory.

Eyelit has found continued growth and success in the solar industry. Solar leaders and innovators (such as Ascent Solar, Calisolar, Deutsche Solar, Innovalight, Shan Solar, Stion, Transform Solar and Umicore) rely on Eyelit's manufacturing management solutions as a cost-effective way to streamline their operations. Eyelit's software effectively addresses the needs of solar companies producing silicon-based Ingot, wafers, cells and panels, as well as those of thin film and CPV manufacturers. Using Eyelit's scalable software, several solar customers are expanding their factory capacity to 500MW.  In an evolving solar industry striving to achieve grid parity, Eyelit continues to advance manufacturing efficiency.



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