Bekaert Advanced Coatings NV

Bekaert is a total solution provider for rotatable sputter equipment, working closely with its customers to upgrade from planar to cylindrical rotating technology: higher target utilization and deposition rates, higher process stability, higher sputter efficiency and reduced coater downtime all combine to bring down the overall cost of PV cell production.

Bekaert offers a unique combination of sputter hardware, rotatable targets and sputter electronics for photovoltaic applications, mainly thin film but also c-Si cells. Its customized total solution for sputtering consists of:

• Rotatable magnetron technology (cathodes and end blocks)
• Rotating sputter targets (AZO, i-ZnO, HP Si, ITO, TiOxNb, Mo, Ag, Al, NiV, Cr, HD Sn, SiAl, ZnAl, etc.)
• Sputter electronics (power supplies, inverters, arc suppressors)
• Magnet barsDual rotable cathode
• Gas distribution systems
• Automation and control systems

All these components can be customized and integrated in each existing or new coating line. The wide portfolio of high quality, one piece rotatable targets is produced in high volumes, in all dimensions (lengths up to 152", standard or dog bone shape) and with all existing fixations. Both hardware and sputter targets are backed up by Bekaert's worldwide support structure which ensures around-the-clock support from local frontline service teams.

Bekaert has been active in the PVD industry for over 20 years. With more than 750 rotating cathodes and over 5,500 of its magnetrons running around the clock, Bekaert claims a firm leadership role in this market.



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