Atlas Material Testing Technology

With over 30 years of testing and measurement experience supporting the solar industry, Atlas Material Testing Technology offers a wide range of products and services to answer important solar durability questions. Atlas, the world leader in material durability testing as it relates to weathering, is excited to help companies in the solar industry meet their product warranty and efficiency claims.

Atlas can help you answer the tough questions and provide you with the right solutions. We develop and provide customized weathering testing programs for the Photovoltaics, Concentrated Solar Power, Solar Thermal and Building Integrated Photovoltaic markets.  Atlas’s solar products and services include:

Standard Test Equipment - Atlas’ complete line of weathering instruments allows accelerated testing through controlled methodologies that closely simulate natural environments which can be applied to a variety of testing needs for the photovoltaic industry.

Custom Systems - Atlas designs solar chambers for environmental testing of photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal related products during development and production. These chambers allow testing of single cells up to large modular arrays.

Testing Services - Atlas offers durability and performance qualification testing through a network of global exposure sites, natural and accelerated test methods, I-V curve tracing and solar radiometric measurements.

Consulting Solutions - Atlas’ capabilities include testing methodologies on all levels – materials, cells, modules, arrays, full-scale solar systems – for all forms of environmental degradation.

Atlas utilizes tailored weathering methodologies, solar-simulation exposures and instruments to measure durability – so you can make informed material selection and product decisions in the shortest amount of time.



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