ASYS SOLAR specializes in the metallization of solar cells and supplies single, dual and triple lane production lines. Offering throughput numbers of 1.200 to 4.600 cells per hour the new "ULTRAline" metallization line meets all customer demands at an outstanding value for money. The world's leading companies in the solar industry rely on the ASYS Group's uncompromising pursuit of quality. Our range of services includes automatic screen printers, optical breakage and automatic post-print inspection systems, drying furnaces, buffer systems, handling systems, laser edge isolation, cooling stations, cell testers and cell sorters. By the optimized print repeatability of +/- 12.5 µm at 6sigma it is furthermore possible to realize selective emitter or double front print applications. The new rotary table printer XSR1 offers the possibility to fill back side contacts in one print step.

The ASYS Group is a leading manufacturer of handling systems, process plants and production line solutions for the electronics and solar industries. ASYS develops, manufactures and markets high quality and technically innovative products. The group's business activities in more than 40 countries are controlled from the company's headquarters in Dornstadt near Ulm. The ASYS SOLAR brand delivers the same high standards of quality and workmanship all over the world that customers have come to expect from products "made by ASYS". In order to ensure that cutting edge technologies are always employed and to promote innovation within the company, ASYS invests in multidisciplinary R&D projects.



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