Alcatel Vacuum Technology

Alcatel Vacuum Technology is a leading global supplier of advanced vacuum solutions for semiconductors, flat panel displays, LEDs and solar cells manufacturing. With more than forty years of vacuum experience, and a long track record for the most advanced applications of the Semiconductor and FPD Industries, Alcatel offers to solar manufacturing a complete range of highly competitive vacuum products addressing crystalline silicon and emerging thin film applications requirements.

The company is focusing on bringing to the solar players the most advanced vacuum solutions combining a strong process knowledge, proven technology, high performances, reliability and low running costs. Today, a number of critical photovoltaic production steps for both c-Si and thin film require vacuum either for ensuring cleanness or appropriate process conditions for high efficiency cells manufacturing. And with industry moving to economy of scale and mass production, vacuum contribution to the cost reduction will become more and more significant. It seems obvious that achieving the industry cost reduction and grid parity targets will not only rely on technology and equipment developments but also on efficient and cost effective vacuum subsystems.

Alcatel Vacuum Technology is also committed to sustainable development and environment protection. This corporate policy is not only leading to low energy and water consumption product development but also to investments in high tech manufacturing infrastructures and a supply chain taking into account the environmental considerations.



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