2BG S.r.l.

2BG Srl is located in northeast Italy, near to Venice. Thanks to the company's 10 years' experience in the photovoltaic equipment branch, our firm offers products and integrated services all over the world: from standalone PV machine planning and realization to the development of solar module production equipment. The remarkable know-how is employed for proposing “on-demand” solutions, according to the different inquiries, assuring high automation levels and performance. Quality and reliability for each supply are warranted by the (certified and established in the market) raw materials selection and through the deep knowledge of the product trials.

Our key focus areas are:

  • Own design & customized solutions
  • Installation and training
  • Transfer of know-how
  • Post-sales technical assistance.

Since 2008, 2BG Srl has been Kuka's “Official System Partner”, integrating KUKA robots into our solar panel production lines. We conduct continuous research on innovation and groundbreaking technologies, which are applied in our process systems.2BG Srl offers a complete turnkey solution thanks to our collaboration with solar partners involved in sun simulators and glass-washing machines.



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